The South India Bhakti Tour (Kerala & Tamil Nadu)

Dates:August-September & December

Price:inquire for more info and any questions

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  • Amma

The beauty of India's South to me is a amalgam of grace, form, humility, and diligence. It is the land of Shankaracharya, Ramana Maharishi, and now Amma (the beloved 'hugging saint'). Whilst Amma is "Gods love in a human body", remarks Jane Goodall; the former saints mentioned above were and still are some of the strongest exponents of Advaita Non-dual philosophy. The backwaters of Kerala offer an exquisite view of this region, carving its way through 'Mother Nature'; creating monumental landscapes, natural highways, and a unique experience of the rich fishing culture & colorful boating lifestyles. The French colonies in Ponducherry offer a different take on Indias architecture and culture, being established by the French in 1735 and tucked away on the seaside; you'll truly feel as if you're in the 'Indian Riviera'. Arunachala, located in the heart of Tiruvannamalai, stands still as the holy mountain attributed to Lord Shiva, wanting one to pay homage with an early morning walk or meditation. Here Ramana delves one deep into an inquiry within as we soak up his eternal question of 'Who am I?'. For a little razzle-dazzle, there are good times at the beach of Varkala; easy does it, after all these heart spinners!